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About Us

The concern of a group of people and their entrepreneurial spirit was the consolidation of this project established in 1974. The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia -Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Valle del Cauca-,. led and sponsored since i. inception this great initiative, which has enabled the development of women by providing new alternatives of employment and welfare in the Valle del Cauca. INDUSTRIAS INTEGRADAS is constantly looking to improve the quality of life for its associates and their families through many programs developed inside the Cooperative and through alliances with external entities.

INDUSTRIAS INTEGRADAS is a company that is founded as an associated work cooperative. It is integrated by 800 associates approximately -most of them single mothers living in rural areas-, they own the company and perform different functions such as skilled operators or administrative positions.

Principles and Values

INDUSTRIAS INTEGRADAS provides solid business relationships with costumers, suppliers and other target groups. The company is distinguished by respecting its essence and implements its principles and values through responsible and conscious work. It is inspired by the principles of the cooperative movement, such as: self-management, mutual aid, cooperation, solidarity and democratic participation. Industrias Integradas runs a prosperous stage of development and growth by maintaining a balance between economic results and social compromise.

Competitive Advantages

Industrias Integradas receives the following criteria in order to achieve continuous improvement and costumer satisfaction.

  • We guarantee the quality of our products, lead time and prices. Constantly working to exceed the expectations of our costumers.
  • We are at the forefront of trends and fashion development in fabrics, designs and processes.
  • We differ by the quality of our produas and the personalized attention of our costumers, through support, immediate response to their requests and the deliver of a high quality produd.
  • We are known for our transparency, responsibility, commitment and seriousness, coupled with our technology and infrastructure that result in a reliable and quality product.